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3/22/2021 – Quiet Start To Week, Wet & Windy Second Half

Written: 10:00 PM 3/21/2021
Written by: Nick Dunn

Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the fantastic weather we had this weekend! Plenty of sunshine was noticed all weekend, with mild temperatures especially on Sunday. We will start the week off quiet, sunny, and mild.

Very mild temperatures are likely on Monday with some clouds here and there. Some places will likely see 70 degrees, which is a great way to start the week!

By late Tuesday, we will find rain showers moving into our western counties and clouds thickening. A strong low-pressure system will also cause the wind gradient to start tightening as we get into Wednesday, meaning gusty winds are probable for most of us by the time we get to Wednesday.

The strongest gusts (30-40 MPH) are likely near and west of I-71 based on latest guidance. While we have good confidence on where the windiest conditions will be, some adjusting could happen depending on the track of the system.

Widespread rain, and perhaps a few thunderstorms, are more likely for Thursday into Friday as low-pressure as another wave moves through the region. Breezy conditions are likely. The extent of thunderstorms remains unclear as we are still several days out, but no severe weather is expected should any storms develop.

Most places in our area should see at east 1″ of rain between Wednesday and Friday. Flooding should not be an issue due to drier conditions to start the week. Severe weather is possible across the deep south once again between Wednesday and Friday as some areas continue to clean up from tornadoes last week.

We will keep you up to date on the latest weather conditions throughout the week!

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