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3/5/2021 — Dry Weekend, Monitoring Heavy Rain Potential Next Week

Written: 2:00 AM 3/5/2021
Written by: Nick Dunn

Good Friday morning! We have some continued river flood warnings today along the Ohio River as Minor Flooding continues from rainfall last weekend. Water will continue to recede into the weekend as some clean up from flooding. Below is a look at the flood alerts as of the time of this blog entry.

For the weekend, there really won’t be much to talk about from the weather department. Aside from a stray flurry or two in the Snowbelt on Saturday (10-20% chance), we will stay dry, mostly sunny, and chilly. Highs will be coolest on Saturday. Sunday we will see highs about 2-5 degrees warmer than Saturday.

Weekend Outlook (Issued at 2:15 AM 3/5/2021)

As we head into next week, signs are gradually trending towards a potential for heavy rain once again. A warm, seasonably moist airmass will develop by mid to late week. This means we will see some moisture from the Gulf of Mexico pulled northward. A frontal boundary will be in the region for Thursday and Friday (possibly into next weekend). There will be waves of low pressure that could bring rounds of rainfall to the region.

May be an image of map and text that says 'Day 3-7 U.S. Hazards Outlook Valid: 03/07/2021-03/11/2021 Heavy Snow 3/8 3/10 Heavy Rain 3/11 High Winds 3/7/3/8 Heavy Heavy Precipitation For the latest information on flooding Weather Prediction Center Made: 03/04/2021 3PM EST Flooding Likely Flooding Occurring/Imminent Flooding Possible Severe Drough Follow us:'

The Weather Prediction Center already has their eyes on Thursday (3/11) for heavy rain potential for our area. Also, they outline the concern for some potential flooding along the Ohio River. We will have to watch how this threat materializes. We won’t get too detailed with model data at this time, but this will be something to watch for the next several days.

Enjoy your weekend!

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