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2/21/2021 — Hurricane Season Approaching

Written: 11:40 PM 2/21/2021
Written by: Nick Dunn, ONW Forecaster

Can you believe we are now under 100 days until the official start of hurricane season? June 1st, 2021 will kick off the season, which follows a hyper-active 2020 season that featured 12 landfalling tropical systems in the United States. In fact, almost every county along the east coast and the gulf coast was under some form of Tropical Storm or Hurricane Alert (Watch or Warning). Overall, there were 30 named storms in 2020, which is a record. Of those 30 storms, 13 of them became hurricanes.

The list of 30 named storms that have occurred during the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season as of November 24, 2020. The 2020 season surpassed 2005 as the busiest on record. The season officially ends November 30.

Here is a look back at the names from last season. Once all 21 Atlantic names were exhausted, the Greek alphabet was used, which we saw 9 additional named storms. It was the 5th straight year of seeing above-average hurricane season, according to NOAA.

Here is a look at the list of names for the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. Some of you may recognize Bill on this list. Tropical Storm Bill brought flooding to parts of Ohio back in 2015. We are prone to seeing remnant moisture (and even some wind) from tropical systems here in the Ohio Valley. Sometimes, if enough moisture is present, you will find several inches of rain and flooding take place.

This infographic highlights key facts and statistics from the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season (at the time of publishing on November 24). The Atlantic hurricane season officially ends November 30, but storm activity in the tropics can sometimes continue beyond that date.

Here is a look back at the hurricane season in 2020 graphically! Hurricane Hunters from NOAA went on 86 missions and performed more than 100 passes through hurricane eyewalls! The current forecast for 2021 is likely to lean towards another above-average season, but long range forecasts will look to refine this in coming months!

May be an image of text that says 'NOAA It's 100 days to the hurricane season! Are you ready?'

If you know anyone in a hurricane zone, be sure they are ready!

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