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2/6/2021 — Well Below-Average Temperatures Next Week

Written: 1:00 AM 2/6/2021
Written by: Nick Dunn, ONW Forecaster

Good morning, everyone! That wind remained quite gusty on Friday, which caused for a not-so pleasant end to the week when combined with colder temperatures. Do you like cold weather? If so, this blog post is for you! If you are not a fan of cold weather, this certainly is not the best for you to read.

As we take a look at the 500MB Height Anomaly, we see well below heights in the atmosphere. This serves as a great indicator for colder air to spill into the United States. In fact, there is a snow chance as far south as Alabama on Saturday night! In fact, wind chills here locally will fall into the single digits or slightly below zero for parts of the region.

For Sunday morning, definitely plan on bundling up if you have plans to attend church or get groceries for your Super Bowl festivities! We will not see much improvement from these numbers for the afternoon.

For the period of late next week, all Lower 48 States will be quite likely to experience well-below average temperatures. In fact, several days with highs in the teens are possible. In terms of extreme cold, models have not handled that part of the forecast great this week, so we will not buy into any potential of that. Let’s see how models pan out over the next few days!

This is from the GFS Model for next Saturday (2/13), and it shows the potential departure from normal (NOT Air Temperature) we could be! *IF* this trend holds, next weekend could be not-so pleasant for your Valentine’s Day plans. Again, let’s see how this plays out over the next few days.

This temperature trend is just for Columbus, OH, however it shows just how far below average we could be! We could look at the chance of 6-7 nights in a row in the single digits or below zero. This is not a record, but certainly the coldest in two years for the local area.

SNOW CHANCES: This is likely something everyone will inquire about. We will have several weak disturbances work through the region. We still see no real signals of significant precipitation just yet. However, with patterns such as we are entering, models will likely remain in a state of change until we get very close to the snowfall arriving. We will continue to communicate snow chances as we feel needed.

If there is one takeaway from snow chances, it is that we could see several small scale events. It is worth noting with arctic air in place, we tend to see higher SLR (Snow Liquid Ratios), events in the area. This is typical for February or whenever colder air settles in. One system moves through this evening into tonight. System number two will pass through Monday into Tuesday, followed by a third system late next week. Again, we do not see any signals of significant precipitation as of now (subject to change!).

Stay warm this weekend! Also, stay tuned for snowfall updates!

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