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2/5/2021 — Colder Air Delayed Until Later Next Week, Active Pattern Continues

Written: 1:40 AM 2/5/2021
Written by: Nick Dunn, ONW Forecaster

Good Friday morning, everyone! We had a crazy day in the weather department yesterday. We started with freezing fog in spots, then we had several inches of snow and strong winds in the afternoon into the evening! Thankfully today will not be as active, but a few snow showers and breezy conditions will carry into your Friday.

WEEKEND OUTLOOK: The good news is the brutal cold that models projected earlier this week has backed off significantly. However, we still expect a long period of below-average temperatures. With that, we are likely to see a few systems crossing the area. One of those systems will likely bring a small shot of snow showers (albeit less than 1″) Friday Afternoon into Friday Night.

Models are not sold on widespread coverage, so therefore accumulations will be light. Also, soundings suggest there will not be a ton of moisture to work with, meaning this snow would likely be of the “fluffy” variety. Just enough to remind you that colder air is in place!

Temperature wise, we will be below-average and for some well below freezing for both days. What is not seen here is another shot of light snow with an arctic front Saturday Evening into early Sunday Morning. Again, coverage may not be overly widespread. However, spots could see 1-2″ of snow where the heaviest bands set up.

Models also try to throw some rain/mixed precipitation across the southeast. I tend to feel this is just a bit overdone and we would likely stay all snow. For now, I will hold off on an official snowfall map, but the potential exists for 1-2″ of snow across most of the region. If better “phasing” occurs and we get a bit more interaction with the coastal system, amounts could be bumped up just a tad. We will look into this later today and provide updates as needed!

EARLY NEXT WEEK: Several small systems will traverse the region between Monday and Wednesday. Neither of these look overly promising to deliver any significant weather, but snow is certainly possible. Colder temperatures will continue, and most of the country will get well below-normal.

Looking for warmth? Better head to Florida or Arizona! Most of the Lower 48 will be below average during the next couple of weeks, and it is not abnormal to see that with these types of patterns in place. Also, we can sometimes get our best system snow type of storms during the month of February!

Precipitation is forecast to be below normal, which means not a ton of rain or snow to track base don the current longer range projections. However, this could change!

Have a great weekend!

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