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1/6/2021 – Another Cloudy, Chilly Day Ahead

Written: 2:20 AM 1/6/2021
Written by: Nick Dunn

Good early Wednesday morning! The first full week of 2021 is flying by! However, it sure has stayed pretty cloudy this week. In fact, I can only think of one day so far this year I saw any peeks of sunshine here in Columbus. We look to stay in this gloomy pattern for the next several days despite no real threats of precipitation.

Will we see consistent sunshine anytime soon? Well, the short answer is no. We will stay in this current pattern due to north winds and stubborn moisture in the low-levels in the region. Models have been trying to depict sunshine returning today, but I do not see that happening. Forecasting on days like today makes for a boring day as we try to keep things engaging!

The NAM Model above tried to break up some clouds here and there, but it appears our low-cloud deck will hold strong today. In terms of precipitation, drizzle/flurries are possible, especially this morning. Temperatures will remain chilly once again, so we are on a track stuck on repeat!

Also, it does not help that we don’t have any real high-pressure system to help break up the cloudy pattern. As we look ahead, high-pressure will begin to make an effort to move in this weekend.

The temperature trends indicate the calmness of the current pattern lasting into next week. Highs will be very close to normal. Overnight lows will stay above average based on current trends. We are using Columbus, OH as an example, but don’t expect much change anywhere in the region through the end of this week!

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